Wind Day in Portugal : EnergizAIR day !

As part of celebrations of International Wind Day, on June 15 2011, APREN has organized a cocktail to present three of its most recent projects: the 2011 yearbook, e2p, and EnergizAIR.

The common characteristic of these three projects is the fact that its main function is providing information regarding renewable energy production. Furthermore it should be highlighted the pioneering spirit and public service nature of both e2p and EnergizAIR, since they will provide information in a simple and innovative way, that has never been available to the general public.

Isabel Cancela de Abreu, Head of the technical Department of APREN and in charge of EnergizAIR project, took the audience in a tour on the new EnergizAIR website, presenting the partners, the objectives and the indicators of the Renewable Weather Forecast, and finished giving a glimpse of what the Weather Forecast of the future would look like.

With these projects, APREN aims to improve the level of awareness of civil society, allowing a better understanding and participation in matters related to the production of electricity from renewable sources.


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